Uncover the Ancient Greek History of Australia: A Guide to Exploring Australia Through Hellenic Eyes

Hippocrates the Father of Clinical Medicine was our guideline in our travels in the direction of Bucharest. the Global Doctors Hippocratic Institute was the subsequent destination. Melbourne is the vibrant vitality of the Greek neighborhood of Australia. There were a number of well-known doctors and scientists, which included the Dr. Georgios Panoulis, President of the International Institute of Greek Doctors and Dr. Antonios Polydorou, and Dr. George Antonakis. We all made this journey to take part in the Hellenic Diaspora World Congress, (HMSA)

. Amidst the beautiful backdrop of Melbourne and the beautiful cityscape, we were honored to have been invited to attend the Hellenic Centre beginning on the 13th to the sixteenth November. Participants included the esteemed Hellenic Medical Society of Australia as good as the Global Doctors Hippocratic Institute. There was a hovering sense of anticipation for our visit as a end result of the tremendous hospitality offered by the Greek neighborhood headed by the president Vassilis Papastergiadis. Although it was a long, prolonged journey to Athens to Australia The stopping point at Doha Airport in Qatar (which is this yr hosting soccer’s World Cupdid not dampen the spirits of our passengers. This enthusiasm was affirmed and it was rewarded when we arrived, as it was met with heat reception by the neighborhood Greek group and the bustling energy from the entire city

. It was clear at the beginning of the journey that the campaign of the Global Doctors Hippocratic Institute was not a one-stop effort: to change the lives of our future generations and support hold our forefathers’ experience and knowledge dwelling. This global gathering featured shows and interactive periods on scientific, medical and educational scientific matters, performed by hugely regarded Australian as good as international researchers. What was the ultimate aim of these significant actions and international collaborations was making massive strides in the direction of creating a harmonious future

. Patras, Athens and University of Melbourne came jointly by a pact to turn the respective associations into an international scientific centre for the enhancement of medical associations across the world. A deal was signed to provide schooling and steering chances for Greek students by embracing Hippocratic Medical Philosophy & Ethics was the formal declaration of this cooperative venture. The momentous occasion was also celebrated by Professor Marini as the President of the Australian Hellenic Medical Association of Australia as good as Mr. Marios Themistocleous Greek Secretary-General for Health

. A statue of Hippocrates was revealed during an occasion that was held at Melbourne’s University Medical School. The occasion was the begin of an international exchange promoted by the Global Doctors Hippocratic Institute, to promote a widespread ethos developed on the’sacred vow that is that is the Hippocratic Oath. In the kind of an official announcement in the presence of Doctor. Patoulis and Dr. Polydoros, this initiative will arise in the spring of five hundred 2019, with the swearing in of graduates of at the University of Melbourne on the island of Kos

. The Doctors Hippocratic Institute, with the motto ‘Hippocratic Values and Medicine’, will take place in Melbourne. Melbourne. The cityof Melbourne, with a inhabitants of close to 5 million residents and is situated in Victoria. It is the second largest city in Australia following Sydney. In this city, about half are from abroad as good as a few others reported to be of Greek of Greek descent. It is a contemporary multicultural megalopolis, this city boasts huge blocks which kind the enterprise district and are highlighted by numerous skyscrapers

. What classes can we take away

The world is on the cusp of an era of change in health and wellbeing care, one in which collaboration and know-how is at the forefront of medical innovation to additional our aim of achieving perfection for sufferer care. This historic occasion was held in Melbourne in the city the place Hippocrateshistory is honored since the founding of the Global Doctors Hippocratic Institute. In the close to future, the place medical students from Melbourne are able to swear in Kos this bust, the unveiling of this bust is a sign of our dedication to Hippocrates’ imaginative and prescient of the perform of drugs. The future of medical care is certainly in good hands


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